Perimeter Security for a Borderless World
Perimeter Security for a Borderless World
Perimeter Security for a Borderless World
Perimeter Security for a Borderless World

Introducing the ™ Natural Resources Exploration Technology System

When valuable natural resources are explored, our system makes identifying and producing them more accurate and efficient. This saves time, money and provides a better return on investment.

The Bisectrix™ method improves identification of water and nearby mineral deposits by increasing production efficiency. Combined in real time are the steps of positive mineral identification and characterization without regard to physical direction. The systems’ advanced analytic capabilities enables the identification of valuable mineral deposits like oil and gas deposits up to 30 meters from the centerline of a bored or drilled hole. Using the penetrating strength of fast neutrons, the most powerful, energetic penetrating particles known to science, the Bisectrix™ method uses their silent, non-invasive, wildlife friendly capabilities to provide the necessary data to characterize a geological formation. By directing the neutron source through the drill pipe, the Bisectrix™ remote system operator in real time gets an immediate 360 degree assessment of the surrounding geological formation no matter how deep or the direction of the exploration. This enables better decision making at the point of service without costly iterative steps and subsequent time delays.

Intellectual Property

Filed on July 9, 2015, the Bisectrix™ System is disclosed in United States Utility Patent Application number 11004/03PV titled “Apparatuses, Methods and Systems for Downhole Imaging.” Application featuring an invention to determine formation properties or characteristics and formation fluid properties or characteristics, especially properties of hydrocarbon fluids in oil and gas wells during and after drilling. System capability to capture data in real time by remote operation, a feature especially useful in dangerous or environmentally sensitive regions. Data capture is subsequently analyzed and then stored and archived in an all-digital format.

Natural Resource Exploration at Lower Cost

Mineral exploration is expensive. With an eye to improved return on drilling investment, the Bisectrix™ method uses advances in science to make exploration less invasive and cost effective by combining several of the analytical and exploration steps into one process. By intelligently deploying the latest advances in physics and leveraging the power of advancements in imaging, computer, and communication technology mineral exploration and production can take place as easily in your back yard as in the harshest environmental conditions in the Artic often without much human interaction making robotic deployment possible.

Directional and Accurate: Down and Sideways

Using the Bisectrix patented time of flight method to characterize a deposit, a driller, for example does not have to wait for a geologist interpretation of a deposit formation while in the process of drilling. This saves both time and cost and increases efficiency. By measuring the strength from the collisions of the returning fast neutrons with the elements of the formation, the rocks can be quickly characterized. By comparing these results over time, the driller has access to a growing data base of information that is cumulative. Access to this information enables the operator or driller to make directional adjustments to tap oil and gas deposits for example, horizontally as well as vertically.

Environmentally Responsible and Non-invasive

Using Bisectrix™ Fast Neutron Detection Technology what goes on down in the hole stays in the hole. It is not invasive to people or animals. It is safe to operators and landowners. It does not emit offensive and disturbing sounds to animals or to people. The technology requires no use of harmful radiation, toxic additives or explosives. Drillers no longer have the luxury of drilling in remote areas. The Bisectrix™ Method is environmentally safe and useful where natural resource deposits are located in close proximity to where people and animals live.